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Three easy steps to convert HEIC to PDF file format

Because of the user-intuitive interface, anyone can easily convert HEIC to PDF online with just a few clicks. Follow these three steps, and you'll have no problem converting all your HEIC files to PDF format.

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Browse for HEIC files you need to convert to PDF on your device or drag and drop them in a designated area.

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The next step is to press the button Start Conversion to begin converting HEIC to PDF files.

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After a quick upload and conversion process, download converted files directly on the website.

What HEIC really is

About HEIC file

As of 2017 or to be more exact, iOS 11, Apple choose HEIC image format to be the default for taking photos on all their devices. That includes Mac OS High Sierra and newer releases. Even though MPEG developed HEIC format as a successor to JPG, the change has yet to come on major social platforms, devices, operating systems, web browsers, image processing apps, etc. The only disadvantage of the HEIC format is compatibility and lack of support that the JPG image format already has.

HEIC or HEIF is short for High Efficiency Image Container / Format, and it justifies its name with its features. Size-wise, HEIC photos are at least 50 % smaller than those in JPG format without any quality loss. Moreover, HEIC files have a 16-bit color range compared to JPGs 8-bit. That made HEIC images richer in color tones and adapted to camera hardware capabilities. HEIC files can also besides images contain and image sequences. Opening and editing the HEIC file is still tricky on most devices because there are not many adequate apps that can handle these files. That is why converting HEIC to PDF file format is an efficient option for viewing these files' content.

About PDF file

Adobe Inc. developed a Portable Document Format or PDF to enable platform or operating system independent format. If you use Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or any other operating system, and regardless of the app that opens a PDF file, the file's content will look the same. You can view PDF files on your mobile or other devices, and your file will have the same formatting. Besides images, PDF files can also store text, interactive elements, hyperlinks, etc. PDF files are suitable for transferring files across different devices, printing documents without disordering existing formatting, scanning files to maintain small file size, etc.

One of the reasons most people convert HEIC to PDF format is also smaller file size besides compatibility. Since most devices probably have apps for opening PDF files, they are easy to view and transfer compared to HEIC files.

However, one disadvantage of PDF files is that they can't be easily altered. Even with specialized software content of PDF files is difficult to change. That doesn't affect multiple benefits that using PDF format brings.

Why do we convert HEIC to PDF after all
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Key features of best HEIC to PDF Converter

To ensure that you use the best free online converter and that your files are safe, check out key features of the best HEIC to PDF online converter.

Top security

Security is our top priority. We do not share or give access to user files to third parties. All your data is deleted after the conversion process is over the latest within one hour.


Express service

Because time is of most value, you should use it for more important things than file format incompatibility; we made our conversion process fastest possible.

Easy to use

Easy to use

HEIC to PDF online converter has a modern user interface that allows users to convert all their files on their first try. The straightforward conversion process takes just a few moments, and your files are ready for download directly on the website.

Unlimited free conversions

Convert all your HEIC files online on one website without any limitations or registration with personal data. Also, you don't need to install a new app to change HEIC to PDF format.

High Quality Conversions

Universal availability

As an online tool, HEIC to PDF converter is available cross-platform; you can access this website on Mac or Windows, the service is the same. Also, you can use it on your mobile, and all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Countless conversions


Converting between different file formats can cause loss of information or quality. Because of the superior conversion algorithm, HEIC to PDF free online converter keeps file quality at the highest level.

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User experience

Before taking our word for it, check out what users had to say about our free online HEIC to PDF converter.

Jack Hyde

Jack Hyde

“I just switched to iPhone and right away had to compromise on taking photos in incompatible image format. Luckily, this free online HEIC converter saved me just in time to send my iPhone photos to my friends by converting them to PDF.”

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith

“Before I received some HEIC files from my colleague, I didn't even hear of this new image file format and had no idea how to open them. I stumbled upon this free online tool that successfully converted these HEIC to PDF files, and I was able to view them.”

Meredith Bryton

Meredith Bryton

“Everything you must know about this tool is that it is a fast and easy way to convert HEIC to PDF files and, on top of that, completely free. 5-star recommendation from me!”

Lesley Twain

Lesley Twain

“Transferring HEIC files to different devices is tricky because of compatibility issues. I am so happy that I found HEIC to PDF converter to view my photos on all my devices.”

Hedrick Connell

Hedrick Connell

“I am surprised at the speed of this simple free online tool. Now I have a reliable tool to convert all my HEIC to PDF files on Mac OS.”

Casey Shaw

Casey Shaw

“I didn't think that I could find an online tool that works. I recommend bookmarking this HEIC to PDF converter right away.”